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Echange avec le lycée de Plymouth (Angleterre)

jeudi 23 janvier 2014, par C. Choquet, Mme Chagnon, Mme Charlier

Accueil des élèves du lycée de Plymouth ( DHSG : Devonport Highschool for Girls)

Du 5 au 11 octobre, 28 lycéennes venant de Plymouth ont été accueillies par les élèves de la classe de première européenne anglais. Voici leurs commentaires sur leur séjour en France.

French Exchange with Lycée Alain, Le Vésinet, Paris, 5th - 11th October 2013

On October 5th 2013, 28 students from DHSG flew into Charles de Gaulle in fevered anticipation for the week ahead. We met our partners at the French high school, and then most of us took the metro into Paris. It was extremely exciting being alone in a foreign city and the shopping opportunities were incredible in comparison to what we are used to at home. On Sunday, the majority of us were overjoyed at the news we were going to Disneyland. It was an amazing experience and a definite highlight of the trip.

We spent the week visiting some amazing attractions around Paris including the Eiffel Tower, going on a boat trip down the River Seine, the Champs Elysées, the Arc de Triomphe, Chateau de Versailles and the historical town of Peronne. We also visited the school, spending a morning participating in lessons there and we all realized straight away the huge differences from the French high school to our own. The trip concluded with a visit to a beautiful French market where everyone took the opportunity to purchase presents for their families (and in some cases take a trip to the supermarket to stock up on chocolate). Everyone had an incredible week and would recommend taking part in an exchange highly to everyone.
Georgia Valentine

Feedback from some of the participants

We went shopping on Saturday and then in the evening we went for a meal in Paris and saw Paris by night which was absolutely beautiful seeing the Eiffel Tower lit up, Notre Dame and the River Seine. On Sunday I went to Manor de Paris which was a haunted house exhibit and it was so much fun and in the evening I went to Diksha’s partner’s house and we had loads of crepes and waffles for tea. (Atlanta Foster)

Monday was probably one of my favourite days of the trip. It was so beautiful and I really enjoyed the day, we got some awesome photos and the boat ride was gorgeous. It would’ve been even better if we went up the Eiffel Tower though ! But I learnt a lot about French culture and really experienced what it was like being in the city for the day. (India Hicks)

I visited the Eiffel tower for the first time which was incredible as I could see it from the house I was staying in and it was so much more impressive up close. We later went on a boat trip which gave us an amazing view of Paris and the world famous Notre Dame building which was very impressive. After this we went shopping in the Champs Elysees which was really fun as we had loads of free time and were able to go where we wanted. We also went to a small French café which was really nice. (Katie Rollinson)

Visiting the Château de Versailles on Tuesday was an incredible experience, a really good balance of education and free time and I was glad that we were give the whole day there as it was very beautiful and there was so much to see ! (Caitlin Doyle)

I thought Versailles was beautiful. The French teacher was really nice and she helped to explain more of the history of the chateau to us. (Isabel Argles)

Spending lessons in school on Wednesday was a great experience as it showed me the similarities and differences between schools in England and France. I spent the morning with Manon and was able to ask her questions. The lunch in the canteen was nice as it was traditional French food and we sat together and sang Happy Birthday to Clémence, everyone joined in ! The shopping in Beaubourg was enjoyable although it did rain ; we managed to buy souvenirs for our families.

On Thursday the visit to Péronne was a long way to travel and it rained but I learnt a bit and it was nice to spend a day with the French partners as well as the English. On a clear, sunny day i am sure that it would have been a fantastic experience but we did experience what life would have been like for the soldiers in WWI. (Caragh Whitlock)

I thought Friday’s visit to St Germain was a perfect end to the week as we visited a gorgeous castle with some interesting gardens with a beautiful fountain with an interesting concept art of a bed in it. We then visited a cute little French market where we were able to purchase authentic cheeses, macaroons, and last minute souvenirs and then sat down with everyone to enjoy a hot chocolate underneath a heat lamp which was lovely ! (India Hicks)

The real value of the week was experiencing French culture and immersing myself with the language as I believe, I picked up a lot of new vocabulary. (Kyra Cutler)

The week was really enjoyable, but the whole time I was learning as well. The visit really improved my French pronunciation and confidence in speaking in general.

I think that I spoke quite a lot of French over the week, and I think that showed because at the end of the trip I was a lot more confident speaking French than at the beginning. (Aisling Bell)

It was amazing fun ; I will never forget it and would be incredibly enthusiastic in recommending it to anyone else. I think that an exchange is by far the best way to experience French culture as you are exposed to it so completely in living with a family, and I felt very lucky with my partner as we got on very well and I was extremely sad to say goodbye to her.

It was an experience that I couldn’t have had anyway else, and I think that with longer time there I would notice a large improvement to my French, as it was, we were all constantly exposed to the accent and common phrases, and these were particularly what we picked up on. I think I also made a lot of friends that I hope to meet again ; a week was never going to be long enough !

Definitely, I wouldn’t be able to recommend it strongly enough, and I know that all the misgivings I had before I went were eliminated on meeting everyone again ; they make you feel so welcome, and the layout of the week is so well planned to squash everything in, that you don’t have time to miss home ! It’s such good fun, and I’m only sad that it’s over for me now ! (Caitlin Doyle)

I would definitely recommend the trip as it improved my French and it gave me a huge new set of friends and a brilliant experience and its so much fun and I will remember it for a very long time to come ! (Fran Bombieri)

I got on well with both Manon’s family and Clements family, although I was terrified at the start of the week that I wouldn’t understand what they were saying, but Clement’s dad could speak perfect English and translated the parts I was unable to understand.
I attempted to speak French as much as possible, at mealtimes I would say “Comment dit on… en Francais” if I was unsure. I spoke French with Manon although sometimes I did speak English, but I tried not to. When Manon was speaking to her mum, I would listen and try to understand, but also see how they said it, to improve my accent.

Being able to talk in French with Manon, not worrying about making mistakes as she corrected them was really valuable as well as being able to ask them questions about France and learning about a new culture. (Caragh Whitlock)

I got loads out of the week. Obviously my French improved a lot but also my confidence when speaking massively improved too. I learn lots of new phrases which I found really useful during the week and also I learnt more French words which I used a lot. I realized that I have more confidence in myself and my views and I discovered that I could stick to my decisions. Also my people skills and communication improved too from meeting and speaking to new people. (Laura Weatherby)

I couldn’t recommend anything more than this trip, it’s something you’ll never forget and you’ll make wonderful friends. It really does help with your French speaking and listening too because being in an environment with it surrounding you 24/7 makes you grow accustomed to it.

I didn’t speak English at all to my partner’s family, just French and if I didn’t understand, they were very helpful in speaking slowly and rephrasing things until I understood.

My partner’s mother was so welcoming and kind, she always made sure I was comfortable and at ease. They always spoke to me in French (slowly) and when I didn’t understand, they rephrased it in French rather than saying it in English so I could continually practise the language. They never got frustrated or annoyed with my French, which made me feel very comfortable. Her sister was really friendly and made me feel comfortable and spoke to me all the time ; I was certainly never bored ! (Milly Atkinson)

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